Thursday, October 30, 2008

KK and Rowan, July 26th

KK and Rowan got married at the gorgeous Cathedral of St John the Evangelist in Spokane. It was such an amazing place-- it made me feel like I was in Europe, at a centuries old cathedral.

They decided to have their first meeting before the ceremony, in a scenic little courtyard beside the church:

Their ceremony was personal and thoughtful. I loved the intimacy of their ceremony, in such a grand place.

The reception was at the Glover Mansion, and they had over 150 guests in attendance. The mansion had a really cool style, with the tables set up on both floors, in multiple rooms, as well as the outdoor balcony.

Here are KK and Rowan playing a game at the reception where they both answer questions such as "who cleans up more about the house?" by raising a shoe, without being able to see each other's answers. It was entertaining for bride and groom as well as their guests.

KK and Rowan are both excellent swing dancers, and their wedding had a 1920's theme. KK's gorgeous dress had a great style and their band (6 Foot Swing) was so much fun.

Thanks so much for including us in your celebration, KK and Rowan! Congratulations!

-- Priscilla


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